Ultra-high temperatures

Acidic conditions


Ultra-low temperatures

Extreme deformations

Extreme pressures


"At UC San Diego, we have unique expertise to design, control and characterize materials and systems for extreme environment applications like never before. We create entirely new classes of materials and devices with extraordinary tolerances to many real-world environments. Our work benefits industries focused on defense, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, energy, advanced manufacturing and others."


— Olivia A. Graeve, Ph.D.
Director, CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials & Systems


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Recent News

January 16, 2019

Feathers: better than Velcro?

You may have seen a kid play with a feather, or you may have played with one yourself: Running a hand along a feather’s barbs and watching as the feather unzips and zips, seeming to miraculously pull itself back together. That “magical” zipping mechanism could provide a model for new adhesives and new aerospace materials, according to engineers at the University of California San Diego. They detail their findings in the Jan. 16 issue of Science Advances in a paper titled “Scaling of bird wings and feathers for efficient flight.” Full Story

November 9, 2017

UC San Diego Honored for Cross-Border Commitment

For leadership that fosters opportunity and cross-cultural collaboration, the University of California San Diego has received the Cross-Border Collaboration Award from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. The chamber honored the university at a tribute dinner Oct. 25. in part for its open dialogue, multiple exchange programs and development of resources that help increase student access and success. Research initiatives led by the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies and Jacobs School of Engineering were highlighted.  Full Story